Self-managed Clinic-based Sessions: $185.00 per hour

All Plan Managed and NDIS Managed Therapeutic Support Individual Sessions, and Self managed sessions within 20km radius of clinic: $193.99 per hour

Standard Group Sessions (RMT fee only – does not include assistant)
$193.99 per hour for groups of up to 3 people
For groups of 4 people or more add $64.66 per person per hour

N.B. In the case of cancellations after 48hrs prior to appointment 90% of the full recommended NDIS rate will apply in all cases.

Mobile Sessions beyond 20kms
Charged at NDIS recommended hourly rate for that line item

Plan Review Report writing
$350.00 per document

Terms & Conditions
N.B. Music therapy is a GST free service under NDIS Rates are subject to adjustment at the start of a calendar year, or when otherwise determined by Elizabeth Mackney. Some prices are discounted compared to prices recommended by NDIS and represent significant value for money. Should payment of the discounted fee not be received within14 days of invoice issue the full recommended NDIS price will apply. See cancellation policy in service agreement, which is as per NDIS recommended cancellation policy. One supervising adult (primary carer/support worker) is not counted in the numbers. Other attendees beyond one transform the session to a family/group session, and therefore incur the associated fee.

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