We have witnessed steady, integrated and comprehensive progress regarding Reuben’s developmental outcomes across this program period

Meet Reuben

Music therapy offers fun, engaging, and age appropriate techniques for meeting the needs of children, such as Reuben, who are living with significant and complex, lifelong disabilities associated with Down Syndrome. The agreed program targets building Reuben’s capacity, independence, and daily living skills across his key developmental areas of need (i.e. his physical, psychological and social domains of functioning) in an integrated way by using evidence based techniques (e.g. such as, but not limited to – Neurologic Music Therapy techniques), strategies and contexts he finds safe, highly motivating and rewarding (i.e. shared creative music-based experiences). This program simultaneously supports the development of Reuben’s musical and creative skills and sensibilities. Overtime, this will result in him having the confidence to be involved in, and build his social, community and potentially economic participation in, the local musical/creative/performing arts community (N.B. non-musical and musical goals). As such, this service offers a highly specialised, participant-led, generalisable value-for-money service (i.e. meets the NDIS definition of reasonable and necessary criteria).

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