Sandra’s regular individual sessions, where she has had the opportunity to work-on and through her areas of concern, resistance, and vulnerability, have been fundamental to her achieving the strong social and economic outcomes described here. 


Sandra is a 55 year old woman living with an aquired brain injury as a result of a serious accident in her early years of life. Sandra has a marvellous memory for music and loves the visual and performing arts. Her music therapy program, which combines individual and group music therapy, aims to build her capacity and independence in the domains of her physical, psychological and social functioning, along with supporting her in carving out a place for herself in the local and national performing arts community and beyond (N.B. non-musical and musical goals/aspirations).

Since, and based on my recommendations, Sandra has joined the Sprung!!! Online Auslan Choir and the online Couch Choir. She has also joined a band, been actively involved in two local public busking performances, been part of 14 multi-participant recordings, written two songs, and improvised multiple spontaneous songs. For all of these Sandra sang, signed and/or played a range of instruments – keyboard, piano, guitar, and a range of pitched and non-pitched percussion. The public performances and the original song recording of “Loved Ones” raised close to $2000.00 to be shared among the participants (see attached links or MEDIA/GALLERY for Sandra’s original “Love It Like A Butterfly”, “Loved Ones Make Us Who We Are” and the two Couch Choir YouTube recordings).


Love Is Like A Butterfly” composed by Sandra.  Arranged, played and sung by Elizabeth Mackney.
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