Recording and performance projects involve collaborations with participants beyond the groups, including people without disability


Lismore Music Therapy group programs address a broad range of physical, psychological and social needs for people with a variety of skills and abilities through gathering regularly to choose, share, rehearse and record music.

For example, Belinda, an adult who lives with Down Syndrome, has extended her speech and vocabulary through singing, while Graham, who lives with an acquired brain injury, has improved his respiratory function and his expressive use of pitch and volume.

Eligibility for group membership is based on compatible personal characteristics between members, complementary musical skills and interests, together with a long-standing therapeutic relationship with at least one member of our team of collaborating professionals.

The facilitation of a fun and supportive environment is central to all programs. This creates the opportunity to experience and practise positive interactions.  Also, participants experience doing things they never thought they were capable of.

Jo Young, the owner of Lismore Community Music, supports the large long-term group programs; thereby, bridging the gap between the therapy space and the wider community.  Some of the smaller group programs are supported by speech pathologist, Jodie Boicos.


Buskability is an initiative borne out of the collaborative group programs run by Lismore Music Therapy and Lismore Community Music.  Our innovative Buskability program is intended to give those who have ambition in the field of the performing arts the opportunity to expand their presence and social connections in this region, as well as giving them a platform to practise the skills of performance and start earning money from their talents and what they love doing.  Buskability is intended to support, and bring together, NDIS and non-NDIS participants. 

Planned to commence at the beginning of 2020, the rollout of our Buskability program was delayed for a year by the outbreak of COVID.  Undeterred, in 2021 interested NDIS participants applied for their busking certificates and since we have presented two successful Buskability events in the Lismore CBD at which participants cumulatively earned close to $1000.00.   The second of these events was held in celebration of “International Day Of People With Disability”, which occurs annually on December 3 (show link to clip of busking at old post office building beside Pie cart).

In addition, we released an original song and music video, “Loved Ones Make Us Who We Are” (see link), at the December 3 event.  To date the song has earned the NDIS participants involved more than $1300.00 (link to gofundme for song).  All earnings from these events/projects are returned directly to the participants.  We already have another original song underway for release this year, and at least two more live performance Buskability events planned. 

The Little Tucki Creek Band Fundraiser

Camp Caba: Connect! Create! Communicate!

In 2021 the businesses of Lismore Music Therapy, Jodie Boicos Speech Pathology, Lismore Community Music, Horses, Hands & Hearts, and Cabarita Pony Club collaborated to offer our first horse, music, art and social skills camp to the community of NDIS participants and their families that our team serves.

The two day camp had an easy-going, retreat atmosphere and offered a new avenue for social connections between participants and families who would otherwise not have met.  It broadened the attendees’ network of supports, and for some families it was the first time they felt confident to try camping.  For some it was also the first time they had the opportunity to have a “sleepover” with peers.  Some participants discovered an affinity with horses, and developed new friendships and aspirations.  Many are looking forward to attending the other camps planned for Autumn, Spring and Summer of this year. 


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