Penny is now confident to show and share her wares.  She will now tell people: “I am creative because I am good at drawing and music

Meet Penny

Penny is a 21 year old woman living with profound autism. More importantly, Penny is a creative genius. Her musical and artistic gifts (perfect pitch and photographic memory) stun every person privileged enough to share in, and observe, her rare talents. Meanwhile, the challenging features of her autism threaten to limit her achieving her full potential and the world fully benefiting from the all she has to offer.

A united approach between Penny’s family, supports, music therapist, art therapist, speech therapist, and dance movement therapist (Masters student) has been fundamental to releasing her from the risk of isolation associated with her autism.

The body of creative work that Penny has produced over this program period that links her work in music therapy, speech therapy, art therapy and dance therapy has been prolific. She has completed numerous multi-media compositions using the audio-visual recording facilities on an iPad (n = 1) and a variety of apps including:  Garage Band (n = 5), Acapella (n = 7), and Puppet Pals (n = 4) (See Penny’s “Shadow Puppets” creation set to an improvisation she directed and her self-portrait i.e. add links).

Penny’s Shadow Puppets – Puppetry performed by Penny, and improvised music directed by Penny and played by Penny, Jodie Boicos, Elizabeth Mackney and Penny’s support worker

Penny – self portrait
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